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Student Consulting Contributions

Graduate students in the WIDE GEN Lab have contributed to a number of consulting projects including:

  • Implementing an enterprise-wide organizational design and effectiveness initiative for one of Canada’s Big Five banks
  • Building and developing a simulation tool to assess senior leaders (C-suites and Executive Board Members) on their leadership capabilities
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis on employee retention and engagement surveys
  • General consulting for start-ups
  • Facilitated performance review meetings and refined organizational performance management systems
  • Designing employee well-being interventions 
  • Building competency-based hiring solutions
  • Designing and facilitating employee training and workshops

Through Organization & Management Solutions, students from the WIDE GEN Lab have also:

  • Published government white papers on best practiced in performance-oriented structured interviewing
  • Developed and led training workshops for managers to develop their skills in conducting structured interviews
  • Developed competency models and hiring tools for managers
  • Created systematic and structured evaluation procedures and materials for managers to receive feedback and coaching after initial training sessions
  • Developed strategic workforce plans for the University of Guelph, projecting workforce resources and demands
  • Administered and evaluated work samples and critical reasoning test batteries
  • Designed microlearning-based training modules for managerial training 
  • Led and conducted focus groups to help inform the development of a leadership competency framework
  • Proposed a methodology for to evaluate the fairness of selection tools by looking for evidence of bias and adverse impact in measures

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Invited Talks, Panels, & Workshops

  • Son Hing, L. (2019, January). Psychological responses to inequalities: The importance of meritocracy. Deputy Minister’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusiveness, Federal Government, Ottawa.
  • Son Hing, Leanne. (2019, January). The importance of inequality: Effects on workers’ well-being and ill-being. Department of Innovation, Science, Economic Development, Department of Women and Gender Equality, Federal Government, Ottawa.
  • Son Hing, L. (2021, September). Diversity unlocks innovation: Gender equity’s competitive edge. Women+Power, Decentralized Energy Canada online panel discussion.
  • Son Hing, L.S. (2019, October). Understanding and reducing inequality: Organizations as sites for change. Rethinking Social Inequality: The Role of Identity, Narratives, Recognition, and Judgements workshop hosted by the Ford Foundation, New York, NY, USA.
  • Son Hing., L (2019, September). Discrimination, subtle bias, and inequalities in the workplace. Canadian Federation for University Women, Guelph, ON, Canada.
  • Son Hing, L. & Sakr, N. (2018, January). Inclusion and Workplace Well-Being. Be Well Be Safe Week workshop, University of Guelph, Canada.
  • Gnanakumaran, V., Lee, R., & Son Hing, L. (2016, April). A Focus on Faculty Wellness: Are We Doing Well? Faculty Development Day, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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Organizations We’ve Helped

Consulting Work

  • Hospital for Sick Children

  • Canadian Major Bank, Employee Programs and Workplace Equality (Report on Employment Equity Research and Practices)

  • Canadian Major Bank, (Focus Groups on Work-Family Conflict and Flexible Work Arrangements)

  • Canadian Forces Leadership Institute

  • Canadian Forces, Personnel Selection Office

  • Methodological Consulting for the Implicit Association Task

  • University of Guelph, Development of a Leadership Framework

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Meet the Lab

We are a Social-Organizational Psychology lab with specific interests in social justice issues. In particular, we are interested in disparities and inequalities that exist between groups in terms of their income, status, and power, within organizations and in society more broadly. We also examine the effects of experiences of inequality at work on employees' wellbeing, performance, and health.

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Research Methods

In In this lab, we use a mixed methods approach. Depending on the research question, students employ experimental, survey, or qualitative methods.

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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Climate Scale

Dr. Leanne Son Hing and Nouran Sakr, a graduate student in the lab, conducted a review of literature and created a 16-item Workplace Diversity Inclusion Climate Scale. This scale offers organizations a reliable and valid tool to gauge the success of their diversity management efforts.

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Son Hing, L. (2022). The myth of meritocracy in scientific institutions . Science, 377(6608), 824–824.

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