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Our Research

Research Methods

In In this lab, we use a mixed methods approach. Depending on the research question, students employ experimental, survey, or qualitative methods.

Recent theses have included methods as wide ranging as: thematic analysis, quantitative content analysis, scale validation, multiple regression, hierarchical linear modelling, and factorial analysis.

Example Projects

  • Work-Family Conflict: Consequences for Worker’s Health and Well-Being
  • Experiences of Demands and Resources at Work Among Medical Faculty
  • Women’s Self-Objectification and Self-Sexualization
  • The Roles of Gender, Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation in Experiences of Workplace Inequality
  • Societal Income Inequality and Support for Redistribution: The Roles of Meritocracy and Social Mobility Beliefs
  • Power and Status Differences in Small Teams: Consequences for Communication and Performance
  • Climate for Ethical Decision Making in the Canadian Forces: The Importance of Supervisor’s Behaviour
  • Inequality in the Workplace: A Scale Validation
  • The Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Climate Scale
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