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Student Consulting Contributions

Graduate students in the WIDE GEN Lab have contributed to a number of consulting projects including:

  • Implementing an enterprise-wide organizational design and effectiveness initiative for one of Canada’s Big Five banks
  • Building and developing a simulation tool to assess senior leaders (C-suites and Executive Board Members) on their leadership capabilities
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis on employee retention and engagement surveys
  • General consulting for start-ups
  • Facilitated performance review meetings and refined organizational performance management systems
  • Designing employee well-being interventions 
  • Building competency-based hiring solutions
  • Designing and facilitating employee training and workshops

Through Organization & Management Solutions, students from the WIDE GEN Lab have also:

  • Published government white papers on best practiced in performance-oriented structured interviewing
  • Developed and led training workshops for managers to develop their skills in conducting structured interviews
  • Developed competency models and hiring tools for managers
  • Created systematic and structured evaluation procedures and materials for managers to receive feedback and coaching after initial training sessions
  • Developed strategic workforce plans for the University of Guelph, projecting workforce resources and demands
  • Administered and evaluated work samples and critical reasoning test batteries
  • Designed microlearning-based training modules for managerial training 
  • Led and conducted focus groups to help inform the development of a leadership competency framework
  • Proposed a methodology for to evaluate the fairness of selection tools by looking for evidence of bias and adverse impact in measures
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