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Student Talks, Posters, & Slides

These are some examples of posters and presentation slides that were given and created by lab members.

*Bolded name(s) indicate current lab member(s).

Talk Presented at Annual CPA Pre-Conference

Colaco, C., Son Hing, L., Robbin, A., Lee, R. (2022, June 16) Group Differences in Employee Exhaustion: the Role of Life and Work Factors under Covid-19 [5-minute talk data blitz]. CPA’s Social and Personality Pre-conference, Calgary, AB.

Poster Presented at Annual APA Conference

Sin, P., Stamarski, C., Son Hing, L.S., Mishra, S., & Sparks, A. (June 2018). Investigating the roles of ideology and socio-economic status on individuals’ judgements of income inequality. Poster presented at the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology Conference, Montreal, QC.

APA Conference Slide Deck

First Slide of Slide Deck

Sin, P. & Son Hing, L.S. (August 2019). Who justifies the wage gap and why? Paper presented at the Annual American Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

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